Good Night Irene, Fare Well Madame Burlesque

Dear Constant Reader,

On Saturday we presented a bonus production of Madame Burlesque, our sumer touring show. If you’ve been following along you know that our final show was supposed to have been August 6th in Portsmouth, NH. However, the Tempest Storm show we were supposed to perform in on Saturday was cancelled, so we took the now vacant date at the Regent Theatre and presented a changed-up version of Madame Burlesque.

Evie Sphinx, our oyster girl, was at a wedding that day, so we replaced one of her acts with a song and another with a comedy routine. For the third one, we gave Evie’s music to Brigitte Besoux who created a high-energy tap dance in no time at all. She can tap and twirl tassels at the same time!

Of course, Saturday was when Hurricane Irene was moving up the coast and we started getting panicked calls asking if we were going to cancel. You know that old theatrical saying… yes, that one.

Well, the show did go on! And we even had a good house, especially on such a dark and stormy night. I was thrilled to see some of my students in the audience too.

Now Madame Burlesque is well and truly done and it’s time to concentrate on The Wrathskellar.