Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

We are deep in the heat of summer and not all venues have air conditioning. I remember being on tour in July and there was one place where the theatre had AC, but the dressing rooms didn’t, nor did the the booth. It was brutal. Today’s tip can help alleviate some of that misery.

Use an insulated lunch bag as a micro-cooler.

The day before your show, open a bottle of water and drink about an inch. Now stick it in the freezer. Before you leave, put it the frozen water in your bag with a cold bottle of your favorite beverage and some snacks. I like bite-sized pieces of chilled fruit, like grapes, strawberries, and orange wedges. When it’s really hot, I add some salty items, like pickles, nuts, popcorn, or chips (make sure anything crispy is a container that will keep condensation out). Filling the bag as full as you can will help keep everything cold longer.

The frozen bottle will act as an ice pack to keep your snacks chilled and then you can drink it when it thaws. Bonus, the frozen bottle feels great on the back of your neck when it’s so hot and humid that you feel queasy. Ask me how I know.


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