Summer Sizzle 7/16/22

Dear Constant Reader,

Our last show was on April first, right before my little world completely went to hell. It was good to get back on stage and even better to spend the time backstage with some of my favorite people.

We did two shows, an early and a late, as we often do on for a Saturday show. Sharon, one of our current apprentices, was an adorable stagehand in a watermelon-themed sundress, and we had Marek on follow spot. There were also a couple of photographers there, so  I may have some pictures to share with you eventually.

Ava Fox & Devastasia: Let’s Go Sunning
Devastasia sang while Ava tapdanced and they passed a parasol back and forth. This is a cute little song from the 1950’s that Devastasia heard while playing Fallout 3. It’s rather short so Scratch wrote a new verse.

Mina Murray: Rumble (The Ventures)
I love this song so much. Really, I love the Link Wray original, but it’s kind of short, so I used this version. I was only at dress rehearsal that Scratch pointed out that he could edit the original to be longer. Oh well, next time. The focal point of the act was my big black boa. Some years ago, when I went to Stripper’s Holiday in Los Angeles, I saw Kitten Natividad and she gifted me with the Star Boa that Fannie Annie made for her. I’ve been determined to use it in an act ever since.

Betty Blaize: Misirlou Twist (Dick Dale and the Del-Tones)
Earlier this year Betty was in Los Angeles for an extended stay (check out one of the things she did — six of hearts) and of course she hit the amazing fabric district and used some of her haul to make a very cool fringe skirt and arm pieces. Her fast paced dancing was exciting and became even more so when she balanced a sword on her head.

Ava Fox: Riviera Life (Caro Emerald)This is one of Ava’s standard summertime numbers. It’s cute and playful and she made that adorable sun suit.

Scratch: Magic
I’m not sure what amazing thing he did. I believe he correctly predicted an audience member’s favorite Deacon Giles spirit.

Devastasia: Summertime (Sam Cooke)
One of Devastasia’s summertime standards, as you might expect. It’s a gorgeous costume and a lot of it is made from repurposed items, scraps, and trash!

Ava Fox: Ice Cream Man (Tom Waites)
This is quite a departure from Ava’s previous act, straight up sexy with some killer chair balances. Here’s a little backstage secret: when she had done this number before, she had an actual ice cream on a stick hidden on the chair. That meant we needed to have some way of keeping it frozen until she hit the stage. Crafty Ava made a faux ice cream that looks delicious, but won’t melt all over her.

Scratch: Magic
I believe this was a card trick.

Betty Blaize: Stuff Like That There (Bette Middler)
It wouldn’t be summer without baseball! Scratch and Betty introduced the act with one of our standard classic burlesque comedy bits. Then Betty became the greatest Red Sox fan. The more her team was winning, the more her clothes came off!

Devastasia & Mina Murray: Too Darn Hot
It’s such a treat to perform with a singer! Devastasia sang the Holly Cole arrangement of “Too Darn Hot” while I fan danced.

We’ll be back on September 17 for the release of Deacon Giles new absinthe! (date subject to bureaucratic approval)


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