Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Greetings from sunny Florida! This week’s tip is about tipping!

If there’s tipping at your show, make sure the cast, crew, and audience all understand how it works.

I have seen so many methods for tipping: performer goes through the audience with a container (champagne bucket, top hat, trick or treat pumpkin, &c.), stage kitten goes through the audience with a container, performer lets the audience stick money in their costume, audience throws money at the stage, container by the stage, container for each performer by the stage, envelopes at seats, &c. I’m sure there are more I have forgotten.

Make sure everyone knows what tipping method you are using, the cast and crew well before the show, and the audience early in the show, so there are no surprises.

Very importantly, how are the tips distributed? Does each performer keep the money given specifically to them? Or are the tips shared? If so, how many ways are they split? Does the host get a share? Does the stage crew? Again, this needs to be communicated in advance.

Also, don’t forget electronic tipping. Have QR codes or info for all the different payment services available to the audience. If the tips are pooled and split, let the performers know when and how they’ll be getting their share.


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