Burly Bundle Unboxing

Dear Constant Reader,

A while back I was approached by BurlyBundle, a subscription burlesque craft box, to tell my students about their product. I’m always happy to support another small woman-owned business, especially one from a fellow burlesquer. However, to make sure I could whole-heartedly endorse it, I ordered a bundle. And here’s what I found…

To sum up, this bundle has everything you need for the project, down to the smallest detail. It’s perfect for beginners, but I think it would be fun for seasoned crafters too. There are suggested designs, but one could certainly follow their muse and create an original one. Some of those tiny rhinestones will make for a challenge.

My verdict: Misty Tetons has created a fine craft box. Check it out yourself — the ordering cut off for the next bundle is the end of this month.

(This review is not sponsored, suggested, or requested by anyone. I have no affiliation with Burly Bundle other than as a one-time customer.)

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