Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

Quick note from B.A.B.E. before I get to your tip. Classes resume in January. Introduction to Burlesque classes will be at Tony Williams Dance Center, as they’ve been for the past year, but in February we’re moving to the Asylum CoLab at Faneuil Hall. We are excited about that! However, we’re less excited that we have to raise our prices for classes. We’ve kept the same rates for 15 years, but they’ll be going up a little in February. If you want to save a little, take classes in January — and sign up before New Year’s Day to get the Early Bird discount!

Okay, here’s your tip.

Claim your name (stage name, troupe, and/or school name) on as many platforms as you can.

Even if you’re not planning on using them right now, it’s a good idea to stake your claim. The reason I’m “miss_mina_murray” on IG is because someone else grabbed “missminamurray” first — and she’s a cat. Having consistent user names is the best, if you can manage it. B.A.B.E. is “StudyBurlesque” everywhere that we have a presence.


Don’t be a jerk. No squatting!

That is, don’t grab a domain or user name that you know someone else might want and just sit on it so that they can’t have it. It’s petty. Although I know that you’d never do something like that, dear reader.

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