Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s the first tip of 2023!

I’m jumping off of last week’s tip about items that need to be replenished. It’s also about interacting with the audience.

Toss a little something to the audience.

Audiences love to be given little gifts. It makes people feel special to have a little part of the show — and a little part of you. I’ve seen people go crazy over scraps of ribbon.

Obviously you don’t have to do this with every act, but once in a while, it’s a nice surprise and a treat. Be reasonable about what you give out and make sure it’s something you don’t mind never seeing again.

Sometimes they want to keep it as a little memento. At the climax of her computer geek number, Betty tears open her t-shirt and throws it into the audience. She’s been asked to sign the shreds. (Harking back to last week’s tip, she has a stash of t-shirts that a former employer was going to toss and was glad to give to her — is that upcycling?)

Sometimes they want the opportunity to return it to the performer. During La Vie en Rose, I pull rose petals off my breasts and toss them out. I once had someone carefully gather up each one and pour them into my hands after the show.

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