Friday Tip

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Happy Friday! What a contrast to last week — it’s positively balmy outside.

Before I get to your tip, Alice in Underwearland on February 18 at 8pm is sold out! However, we added a second show! If you missed out on tickets, you can join us at 10pm!

Clip your corners!

When sewing any kind of curves or angles, you need to clip the seam allowance to release tension or remove bulk. Allow me to explain with some hastily sewn and photographed examples.

UntitledCorners: cut diagonally across the corner above the point

UntitledConcave curves: cut little slashes up to the stitch line

UntitledConvex curves: cut little wedges out of the seam allowance.

In every case, you want to stay within the seam allowance. Get close to the line of stitching without cutting though it.

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