Friday Tip

Hi friends,
Scratch here, filling in for Miss Mina with today’s Friday tip.
Asking for help is hard, but necessary 
None of us — not you, me, or even Miss M. —  can do it all by themselves, all the time.  But for whatever reason, a lot of us (yep, me too) have a lot of trouble asking for help.  Either we want something done exactly the way we want it done or we’re afraid of being a burden…or we’re just afraid of being rejected.   All of those things are bad, it’s true, but collapsing under the weight of your own obligations and deadlines is even worse.  Somehow, too many of us have gotten it into our heads that “Asking for Help” = “Failing”, when the exact opposite is true.  Getting some assistance when you really need it doesn’t guarantee success, but not getting it at a critical juncture does guarantee failure.  Most of the time, most people are happy to help, and sharing your load with someone else can lead to collaborations, inspirations, and more.  The next time you think “I can’t do this alone”, remember you don’t have to.  Help is just an email, text, or call away.