Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday again! Here’s your tip.

If you can’t get into your costume by yourself, arrange for some assistance in advance.

Sometimes are costumes are complicated or fasten in the back or cover our hands or otherwise make it impossible to get into without help. (I’m thinking of these…). You might need a couple of helping hands.

Set that help up before the show. It’s not fair to spring that request on a fellow performer who might be in the middle of getting ready themselves. And you don’t need the stress of hoping someone in the dressing room might have time to help you while it’s getting closer and closer to show time. If you’re bringing your own helper, clear it with the producer first. Often non-performers aren’t allowed in the dressing room.

As a troupe we have it a bit easier, since we rehearse together and know the issues well in advance. These beautiful rhinestone collars needed to be clasped and then pinned in place by someone else. We each had a dressing buddy who would take care of you and then you would return the favor.

If you don’t know anyone, reach out to the producer and see if they can put you in touch with a member of the stage crew who would be available to help. Let them know exactly what help you will need and any special requirements before the show.

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