Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday the 13th! I tried to come up with some clever tip about luck, or mirrors, or black cats, but nothing came to mind. Just bad luck, I guess… Here’s your tip!

If performing in more than one show in one night, make sure each audience gets the same amount of your energy.

We frequently perform two shows when we’re at Deacon Giles (like next Saturday) and I know folks that have the even bigger challenge of appearing in different shows in different venues in the same night.

You wouldn’t want to go flat out for your first show and have nothing left for the others. Also, you wouldn’t want to reserve so much for your later shows that your early ones are subdued.

It’s not an easy balance, but I have faith in you.

Fortunately these days it’s usually two shows a night for me, which makes it a little easier to figure out how to ration one’s energy. However, one Halloween, we did 13 (short) shows over the course of an evening. That was a challenge! Also really fun!

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