Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! We just had a lovely torrential downpour. I do love rainy afternoons in the summer.

Here’s your tip:

Contrast is important.

To quote Scratch, contrast is what makes photographs great, Twilight Zone twists effective, and jokes funny.

Having some sort of contrast between the story and the music makes your act interesting. Letting the music dictate the story throughout the entire act can flatten your performance.  Do something unexpected. Surprise the audience.

I don’t want to use a negative example from an actual act (so many come to mind), but I can’t think of a hypothetical right now, so I’ll just give you a positive example instead. If you saw The Wrathskellar or Vamps After Midnight, you might have seen an act to  “If I Can’t Sell It”, a double entendre-laden song about a second-hand chair. Many performers have used it in chair dances, not surprisingly. However, our version, for Halloween shows uses a coffin instead. The contrast between the expectation of the lyrics and the actuality of the choreography is very entertaining (at least according to our audiences).

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