Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! I *think* the heat here in New England has broken. I’m grateful it was only a few days over 90F. For those of you in more balmy climes, stay cool!

Here’s your tip:

When creating group acts with performers in synchronized movement, the lowest common denominator wins.

When you’ve got multiple people performing the same moves at the same time and one or more are clearly struggling, the act is not succeeding. If the goal is unified movement and if the way to get it is to simplify a section, there’s no shame in that. Performers all have different skills, which can be highlighted elsewhere in the act.

Obviously, everyone should practice to bring their level up to the same place, but if it’s just not working, take the choreography down a notch. In this way, you respect all your performers’ abilities and everyone looks good.


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