Burly Bundle: Gloves

Dear Constant Reader,

A couple of years ago I tried out the burlesque craft subscription Burly Bundle, so I could review it. I had fun, so I ordered the next couple of boxes before Misty closed the business.

Here’s the last one, which I completed first — gloves!

The kit came with the gloves, marabou trim, rhinestones, and everything needed to affix the decorations, even needle and thread and a little measuring tape. In the past, some kits included individual colors choices, but this one had only wine red, as it goes with many color combination. I approve of the choice.

I like the rhinestone pattern — I’m not great at designing patterns and often go with a random scatter. It took a while of careful counting over several stoning sessions, but that’s what Netflix is for.rhinestones

The main line of stones are ss16. That was fine. I work with that size all the time. The little side branches are ss10. A bit smaller than usual, but still fine. However, the radiating lines are ss6! I don’t usually work with such tiny stones –, but I do think the end result was worth the fiddliness.

Another thing I don’t usually work with is feather trim. however, adding the marabou was simplicity. It’s cut to my arm circumference and sewn at just four points arounds the cuff, so no real allowances for stretch had to be made. Also, it was hard enough sewing with all that fluff in just a few places. I would have not had much fun having to completely stitch it down, while also dealing with the stretch of the glove.


Since the gloves are “one size fits most”, Misty included some stretch lace and instructions to add a decorative gusset for a wider glove top. It sounded like an easy way to add some more visual interest and I was a little sorry that it wasn’t needed on my gloves.

Here’s the final result!


I’ve still got two more boxes of projects in various states of progress. I shall report back.

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