BeauTease Slumber Party

Dear Constant Reader,

It was Artemisia’s fault idea. I had been saying that we should find some time that wasn’t during rehearsal to watch some burlesque documentaries and performance videos. Artemisia said we should have a slumber party at The Manor. Scratch liked the idea and so it was planned.

Artemisia, Betty, and apprentice Tahni joined us at The Manor. Devastasia had to bow out at the last minute as she got an emergency mural job — ah, the life of a working artist. After the build-your-own taco bar (thanks to Scratch), we retired to Albert’s room for a little burlesque history.

We started with Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival. I think it’s incredibly important to know where we came from. Exotic World and Dixie may be gone, but at least we have this documentary. In a remarkable bit of timing, as I write this, the Burlesque Hall of Fame just had its grand reopening and many of the treasures last seen in the documentary are finally on display.

After a break for ice cream sundaes, it was time to decide between some classic burlesque or modern performances. Classic burlesque, it was! We viewed a couple of iconic performances, like Lili St. Cyr and Tempest Storm, and some lesser known performers, from our large stash of Something Weird videos.

Then there was a request for old Babydoll performances. Scratch pulled out a box of random DVDs from our early years, including our appearance at Miss Exotic World (the first year in Vegas, not at the goat farm). It was kind of fun, but a little hard to watch some of the acts. We’ve come so far since then!

Despite calling it a slumber party, we really only made it until about 1:30 in the morning. It was a great deal of fun and we’ll probably do it again.

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