Being Better in 2017

Dear Constant Reader,

In my last Friday Tip, I recommended creating a list of self-improvement goals for the new year and promised to share mine. Here goes:

Work on flexibility: My hip flexors don’t. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do a split, but I know I can improve what I’ve got.

Be more social: I’ve been feeling kind of hermit-like and I should see my friends more often. Maybe that means throwing more parties, maybe just getting together for a cup of tea and some crafting.

Hoop: I love it, it’s good exercise and lots of fun. No reason that my hoops should just be standing idle.

Use the stash: I’ve got some great fabric and trim, but it’s useless if it’s just in a box. I want to reduce it by making costumes and clothing.

Cook more: More historic cooking, more healthy cooking, more make-ahead-and-freeze.

Write more: I’ve got two books in the works. I’d like to finish one or both of them. But also I want to write more here. I’ve got books waiting for reviews and other stuff to share with you, Constant Reader.

Snuggle with Albert: This is an easy one, but important. Sometimes I’m just sitting in front of my computer, wasting time, when I could be spending time with Albert.

Take baths: I have a perfectly lovely jacuzzi tub and a plethora of bath products. It’s a great way to relax. Why don’t I?

Travel to perform more: I’ve already got my first out-of-town show booked, but I would like more, and in places I’ve never performed. I’m thinking of San Francisco, Chicago, Jacksonville, and Seattle, in particular.

Promote B.A.B.E.: With the move, my rent is reduced and I’ll have more cash to spend on advertising. I just have to figure out the most effective way to reach my audience.

Learn something new: Don’t know what yet, but take a class or otherwise explore something that I never have.

Create some new acts: My least favorite part of performing, but so vital.

That’s a dozen things I want to work on in 2017. I’ll let you know how I did at the end of the year.