Book Update

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m thrilled to let you know that Miss Mina Murray’s Little Book of Burlesque Costuming, Vol. 1: The Foundations has reached its initial funding goal!

And we’ve just made the first stretch goal! The book will now include a bonus chapter! Besides teaching you how to make pasties, g-strings, panties, and bras, I’ll also show you how to make charming bags to store and transport your dainties.

Our next stretch goal is on the horizon. If we make that one, the book will have 4 pages in color! If we make that one, I’ll have to come up with something else! That’s a problem, I’d like to have.

You’ve got 8 days left to pre-order a copy and 3 days if you want your name in the acknowledgments.

Thank you all, Dear Readers, for your support.

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