BurlyCon 2016: Thursday

Dear Constant Reader,

Thursday morning, not too early for once, I boarded a plane for the long, boring flight to Seattle and a long weekend of classes and glitter. My flight arrived early, the hotel had my room ready (it’s good to be a Hilton Honors member), and registration was a breeze. I could have actually made it to one of the classes in the second time slot, but I decided to relax instead. Naps and snacks are good things.

I did make it to one class: How I Came to Write Striptease (Rachel Schteir)
Striptease: The Untold History of the Girlie Show was one of the first books I read on the history of burlesque, partially because it was one of the only ones in existence at the time. It certainly influenced my perceptions of burlesque and I was glad to have the opportunity to tell the author that. It was interesting to hear about the research process behind the book, which was extensive and lengthy.

I took myself out for a quiet dinner at one of the local fine dining establishments (that would be Denny’s) and then prepared for the evening’s entertainments, the Vintage Meet & Greet.

This year there was a Pool Party theme. I was wearing my vintage-style one-piece bathing suit, but I covered it with my Catherine D’Lish caftan. I think the only person who ever saw the suit was Jacqueline Boxx, when I pulled open my caftan to show that my leopard suit complimented hers.

Although I started the evening in my awesome leopard heels, I soon realized that the caftan was long enough that I could just wear my comfy flats and no one could tell. I got a lot of compliments on that caftan and a few on my necklace, which was my first foray into making jewelry. I didn’t last very long and soon took myself to bed.

More to report on my Friday, a much fuller day.