Busy Weekend

Dear Constant Reader,

Wrathskellar Tales opens on Thursday, so this is crunch time and we should be working round the clock in the space. Instead we did two traveling shows back to back.

Friday evening saw us at RuffleCon, an alternative fashion conference in Connecticut. Some of us were there last year and were delighted to be invited back. We love showing off some of our finest costumes at this event. Because they specifically asked for a male burlesque dancer, we were pleased to share the stage with Mister Twister, visiting from Chicago.

This year the show was at 8:30 pm, rather than late night, so the audience was thinner and much more sober. Still, it was a great time and the audience enjoyed it. The earlier time slot mean that some of us packed up and headed out right after so we could get a few hours of work on Wrathskellar Tales the next day. I was sorry to miss the themed cocktails, the vendors, wearing a petticoat, sleeping over and having breakfast with the other BeauTease. Still, waking up in my own bed was worth getting home at two in the morning. And I had a costume to finish.

Saturday night we headed north to New Hampshire and Another Anime Convention. We had been invited the entertain the “Educating Sherlock” panel attendees with a Victorian Bordello show. This was a ton of fun! We carefully curated a show to fit the theme and Scratch introduced us as the various offerings in Mistress Irene’s House of Ill Repute.

  • Pearl did a sweet strip with a parasol to Flanders and Swann’s “Have Some Madeira, M’dear”.
  • I did a fan dance, of course.
  • Brigitte performed one of The Broad’s drunken acts. It’s subtly different when Brigitte does it then when The Broad does…
  • Devora did a beautiful bubble dance en pointe with a huge balloon.
  • Scratch preformed a minor miracle, appropriately enough, using ropes.
  • Betty laughed in the face of danger as she cut her clothes off with a wickedly sharp knife.
  • Brigitte showed her artistic side as a photographer in “Still Life (with Banana)”
  • Pearl and I closed things out the perennial favorite, “Mistress & Maid”. It was kind of required for this crowd with the spanking and all.

And then there was chocolate in naughty shapes before we had to head back to Boston. We had a fantastic time and our hostesses wrote a glowing review which delighted us so.

And now it’s Wrathskellar Tales all the time. We open on Thursday! Do you have your tickets yet?