Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday the 13th! We have a show tonight at our beloved venue, Deacon Giles Distillery — Bad Luck Burlesque! Last I heard we were almost sold out! Will I see you there?

Here’s your tip!

If you edit your music for an act, rename the song so you can easily find the version you need.

These days it is so easy to change your music to suit your act — shorten the song, drop in another piece of music, add a sound effect, slow down the tempo, change the key, etc. You want to make sure you are giving the correct version fo your song to whoever is handling your music. Adding a note to the name will insure that there’s no confusion.

Here are a few examples from our catalog: “Dark Eyes (slow)” or “Mint Julep extended version” or “Pantaloons with thunder” or “Feelin’ Good BeauTease edit”. These songs were edited specifically for the acts and then renamed to specify the change. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. You could use “performance” or “final” to keep it simple.

It’s a terrible feeling to hear your music start and realize “that’s not the right version!”. A simple addition to the song title can give you peace of mind.  

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