Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! I want to thank everyone who pledged to support my new little book. We’re finishing up the layout and getting it ready for the printer now! It’s been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks and I really appreciate all the support.

Now for your tip!

Miss MIna WriterKeep a costume inventory.

We all have tons of costumes and few of us can dedicate an entire room to storing them. How many time have you been unable to find a garment you know you have or turned up an item you had forgotten all about while searching for something else.

Keeping track is much easier when you have a list of everything. This can be as simple as a list in a notebook or a database with photographs, locations, and cross-references. You can even make it part of a check-in system, so you know after a show that everything is back where it’s supposed to be.

It’s a big job, so I suggest doing it a bit at a time. One day inventory just your gloves or everything you keep in that box (and then label the box). Before you know it, you’ll have an inventory of all your costumes. And maybe you’ve culled some unwanted items or filled in some gaps along the way .

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