Friday Tip


Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday again and this particular Friday Massachusetts is now requiring masks indoors again. You’ll need them when you attend The Great Burlesque Exposition next weekend! I though this tip was timely…

Wash your cloth masks after every wearing.

I like to handwash mine. Use cool or warm water (temperature doesn’t really matter) and some soap — this is the virus killer. I usually use Dawn because it also is great at removing lipstick stains. Take out any filters before submerging. Swish around and then thoroughly rinse until there’s no soap left. No need to soak. If your mask has wire shaping, definitely don’t let it hang out in the water longer than necessary. Let the masks air dry.

You can also machine wash, but if the masks have elastics, I recommend air drying. It’ll extend their life

If your masks are rhinestoned or have other embellishments, definitely hand wash! 

For a final touch, give them a quick press with the iron once they’re dry, to crisp up any pleats or folds. This is completely optional, of course.

Not only will washing with soap kill germs and viruses, you’ll have a fresh, clean piece of fabric touching your face, which is just more pleasant. And maybe save you from some irritation and break outs.

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