Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Here’s your tip.

Carry reusable utensils with you.

Most performers I know are often eating on the go — in the car, backstage, in an airport, &c. Having your own silverware in your bag means you’ll never find yourself without a fork in a time of need and you won’t be contributing to single-use plastic utensils ending up in the trash.

There are tons of options out there — like metal, bamboo, folding, modular, &c. You can buy fancy sets or just use a thrift store find.

I have a metal fork, knife, and spoon I found in the kitchen junk drawer (I think I bought them for my first apartment…) plus a metal straw. I made a cute little bag to carry them all and there was even room for a small cloth napkin. The whole thing takes up almost no space in my purse and it’s been so useful!

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