Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s another celebratory Friday! B.A.B.E. turned 15 today! I taught my first burlesque class under the auspices of my own school on May 14, 2006 (it was Mother’s Day). I didn’t expect the class to sell out and I certainly didn’t expect that a decade and a half I’d still be running a burlesque academy. Thank you, everyone, for your support over the years — all my students, instructors, and anyone who has spread the good word about B.A.B.E. Here’s looking forward to many more years of bump & grind!

This tip comes from something I realized very early on as an instructor.

When creating a teaching choreography, be sparing with moves where you face away.

When performing on stage, we often coyly turn our backs on the audience. It’s a great tease! However, when you’re teaching and you turn away, you can’t see the students and they can’t see you! It’s even worse if you’re teaching in a space without mirrors.

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