Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow I’m teaching a beading class at the summer virtual BurlyCon at 10AM (Eastern)/7AM (Pacific) (yeah, I know, but there are participants from all over the world). You can sign up a la carte or buy a weekend pass.

Here’s your tip!

Make a list of all your projects in progress and then prioritize them. 

Most creative people I know have several projects in progress. New projects are more exciting. Maybe you have a pressing deadline so that project jumps to the head of the list. Perhaps you don’t have the materials for the next phase, so you turn to something else in the meantime.

And the next thing you know, your project space is in chaos and you’ve got more unfinished projects than you realized. So, make your list and rank everything. Things with hard deadlines go first, but after that it’s your choice. Maybe you want to put the items closest to completion at the top, or the ones that will be most fun to work on, or the ones you’ve been putting off the longest.

Then dig in to your number one project and drag it over the finish line!

(Was this Tip inspired by actual events? Well, maybe…)

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