Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Here’s your tip!

Tag sales are great for both buyer and seller.

Call them tag sales, yard sales, or garage sales (depending on your region), they’re opportunities!

It’s an opportunity for you, the seller, to clear unwanted stuff from your life. Maybe you’ve upgraded that costume or built that prop for a one-off show or those shoes that looked like a good idea at the time never quite fit right. And now they’re just taking up room in your closet or basement or storage unit. Have a tag sale! It’s better than letting the items languish or (worse) throwing them away. And maybe you get a little money in your pocket.

Sales like this are also an opportunity for you, the buyer, to pick up some treasures for cheap. It may also be a chance for inspiration. You never know what someone is letting go that might become the basis of a new act. It might not even be something you buy that sparks your creativity.

This tip was inspired by the Boston BeauTease Theatrical Tag Sale happening on Sunday. We’re selling costumes, props, lighting gear, fabric, and some oddities. I’ll also be selling some items from my personal wardrobe and costume collection!

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