Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

As you well know, I have a Patreon, because I tell you all the time. However, I also support a number of artists and creators there. The latest is the Slightly Sinister Academy of Crafts, which just went live today! I’ve been following Sinister Sarah’s stunning projects on Instagram and I’m really looking forward to her instructional videos. Join me in supporting her!

Here’s your tip!

Take joy in what you do and share it with others.

I had a really stressful, high-anxiety week. At rehearsal, I joined by Betty and Devastasia, who had their own, different sources of stress.

We started with a warm up, as we always do and decided to play our favorite pass-it-along game — Betty does a couple of repeats of a move, then I do a move. We do Betty’s move, then my move, then Devastasia contributes one. We do Betty’s, mine, Devastasia’s, etc., continuing around the circle for a couple of songs. When you only have three people you need to keep thinking! And as the songs on the playlist change, we adapt the moves to suit. It can be a very useful tool to teach vocabulary, especially to apprentices.

It was so much FUN! It was great to just move and even better to do it with friends who were also trying to deal with some stuff. We picked our favorite high-energy moves, not trying to impress or teach anyone, just wanting to have a good time with it. We were grinning and laughing all the way through.  And that mood continued through the rest of rehearsal.

I hope you find some joy in your day.

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