Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

I write to you from a haze of exhaustion. Hell Week for Vamps After Midnight started on Monday and we’ve been going non-stop. First performance is tonight! (Wait, Mina, I thought it opened yesterday? Be patient, Dear Reader…)

Here’s your tip:

When hit with a sudden curve ball, think fast and be ready to run with a new plan.

Wednesday night we had our dress/tech rehearsal and someone from the venue was there for an inspection. After we wrapped, we were told we couldn’t use our set. Due to a complete lack of communication from the venue, we did not know that some materials used to build the flats were unacceptable to them. Three days of work (and Devastasia’s beautiful painting)! had to be torn down right then.

We canceled the Thursday night preview. Overnight Scratch redesigned the set and bought new, acceptable materials the next day. Unfortunately, Plan B didn’t work (it required a level floor, which the theatre does not have), so we headed directly to Plan C (with much cursing along the way).

The cast, many of whom are not theatre people, have been great, pitching in where ever they can and staying out of the way when they can’t. I am deeply grateful to all of them.

Anyway, the set is not as beautiful or clever or funny as we planned, but at least we can have a performance tonight.

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