Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday again! So much is going on!
Introduction to Burlesque has an Early Bird price through Sunday!
Bebe Bardot is teaching shake dancing at B.A.B.E.!
I’m on Burlesque Galaxy!
The American Burlesque Collection is also on Burlesque Galaxy!
Tomorrow at 8pm Boston BeauTease are releasing H.A.U.N.T., a Halloween burlesque show! Watch or download it whenever you want a fun and spooky time!
And now for your tip…

If you’re going to do a “messy” act, make sure your pasties can stand up to it.

If you’re working with stuff you smear on or pour over your body, like whipped cream, stage blood, oil &c., you’ll need to clean it off your pasties — especially it it’s something that will become rancid over time.  A non-porous material for your pastie base is best and then make sure any decoration is something you can wipe off or wash.

If it’s a water act, you’ll need pasties that can hold up to being wet and drying without losing their shape. Buckram is not the material for this! Check that the glue holding on your decorations can get wet. And also, very importantly, that the pastie adhesive you use will survive immersion!

My “Midnight Bath” pasties were made by Canova Studio using Hardcore Pasties bases and E6000 glue (probably the only purpose for which I’d recommend the stuff). They’ve been dunked many a time and still look as beautiful as the day I got them!

And remember to check out my other tips on messy acts here and here.

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