Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I shared with you the story of my first burlesque performance. While I was writing it I was remembering how awful and awkward I was. Then I went back to my journal to find the date in question and read how I experienced it at the time. Past-me was much more forgiving of the performance and excited about having had the opportunity. Present-me needed to be a bit less harsh on myself. I was comparing myself today to myself of 10 years ago. Both I and the burlesque scene have changed a lot in a decade.

This brings me to today’s tip:

Keep a journal.

It could be traditional pen and paper or on-line or a video diary or whatever method works for you to record your thoughts and experiences. You could keep a
general diary or just focus on just your burlesque (or whatever your passion is).

If you don’t know where you came from, how will you now how far you’ve come? Memory gets hazy and has a habit of shifting on you.

You’re keeping this journal for you and you alone, so be completely honest with yourself.

I also treat my journals a little like scrap books and add ticket stubs, photos, cards, &c. Those of a more artistic bent might add sketches. I always write the starting and end dates on the front page and keep the books in order on a shelf, so it’s not hard to flip through and find a particular entry. If you keep an electronic diary, it’s easy to search for a specific entry or topic.

Periodically go back and see what past-you was doing once upon a time. It may help present-you see things in a different light!

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