Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday! I made a silly video yesterday, which has nothing to do with burlesque, but maybe it will make you smile. Here’s your tip!

One is funny. Three is funny. After that you have to go for 20.

Doing a comedy bit is funny on its own, but repetition can make it even funnier. However, three times is much funnier than two. But four times is not funnier than three. If you want to do it more than three times, you just have to keep doing it as many times as you can, which just gets funnier each time. My Commedia dell’Arte troupe called it “going for 20”.

The BeauTease are known for our dark Halloween cabaret, The Wrathskellar, but the last thing we wanted to do this year was a dark, intense, serious show. Hence, Vamps After Midnite, a burlesque show that goes worng. It’s a ridiculous comedy and we laugh a lot at rehearsals.

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