Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! It’s extremely cold here in Boston. I hope you’re keeping warm!

Before I get to your tip, a few notes…

The Boston BeauTease will be presenting a fabulous New Year’s Eve show, which we’re calling Twenty Seven-Tease. Already have plans on NYE? Join us the night before for an early celebration!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be appearing in A Night of Classic Burlesque in Albuquerque, NM in March. The show is produced by Holly Rebelle and featuring Lola van Ella. I’m so excited to make my first trip to the Land of Enchantment and for such a wonderful show!

B.A.B.E. classes will be starting up again on January 3rd!

Here’s your tip, courtesy of Mr. Scratch:

If you want big sparkly balls for the ends of your boa, now’s the time to buy them. The store may think they’re Christmas decorations, but we know better!

M2Like this tip? There are lots more in Miss Mina Murray’s Little Book of Better Burlesque. Makes a great holiday gift!