Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Here’s your tip.

Keep an extra of a frequently forgot item in your show bag.

You know how there’s that one thing you’re always forgetting to bring to a gig and them you have to scramble to borrow or buy? I’ve already talked about keeping an emergency kit (for general emergencies) and about the “me plus one” philosophy (looking out for another performer), but this is about that specific thing you never seem to have on hand show after show. Maybe it’s hairspray or a pair of fishnets. Keeping a spare of whatever it is in your bag or makeup case will reduce stress and panic (and having to rely on the kindness of a fellow performer). Scratch keeps an extra tie in his suit bag and Brigitte always seems to have a spare roll of pastie tape. I always stash another thong in my bag. Get an extra and you’ll always have it.

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