In the Air

Dear Constant Reader,

As I pen this missive (thanks to the modern blessing of in-flight wifi) I am winging my way to New Orleans for Bella Blue’s first ever Burlesque Retreat. My departure was uncertain as yet another Nor’easter is bearing down on the East Coast. Fortunately, I got out ahead of the storm.

My hope is to share with you my adventures as they are actually happening, instead of my usual habit of reporting back after the fact. We shall see — the schedule is jam-packed with workshops all day and shows at night. I may not have a spare minute. However, if I fail here, you can still keep up with me on Instagram.

I’m very excited for learning from all the fabulous teachers that Bella has assembled, seeing my fellow students (some I know already, most I’m looking forward to meet) watching some excellent burlesque, catching up with some dear friends (both native and coincidentally in town), and of course sampling the delights of the Crescent City.

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