New Apprentices

Dear Constant Reader,

The Boston BeauTease have new apprentices!

From L-R, Valerie, Gin-ni, Nicole, and Artemisia!

Valerie and Nicole are both B.A.B.E. students, and Nicole also studied with Don’t Blink Burlesque in Arizona.

Gin-ni Gelato began her burlesque studies with our good friend Corinne Southern and has performed in a few local shows, including The Mini Burlesque Expo.

Artemisia Vulgaris has been an apprentice since May and has renewed her contract with us for another term.

We are so excited to be working with these ladies, teaching them the fine art of burlesque, and learning from them too!

You can see all four of them in Cover Girls at The Thalia on Saturday. Artemisia will be performing her first solo striptease as well as charming you with her lovely voice on Friday, October 13th in Bad Luck Burlesque at Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab in Salem.

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