New Show

Dear Constant Reader,

Tomorrow is our first show at Flying Embers! Get your tickets for an evening of cheerful holiday burlesque that will warm your heart and soul (and other body parts)!

And we will be back on January 20th and every other Thursday after that to entertain you. This is a different sort of show because we’ll be performing to a live jazz band!

Performing to live music is a treat we don’t get to do enough. Once a year, we perform at the Mardi Gras ball to an amazing band and several years ago our Valentine’s Day show, Unlucky in Love, had a band and a trio of singers.

There’s an entirely different energy with musicians versus recorded music. It’s more exiting, in several ways. Even when the band plays the same arrangement you are used to, it’s never exactly the same as the recording, which can be fun and challenging. You have to trust and learn to communicate to create something fabulous. As you can imagine, timing is very important for striptease, so if someone feels moved to change thing up (it is jazz, after all), you need to think on your feet.

Betty and I have had this experience before. In fact, Betty is a mistress of improvisational dance and can make magic out of whatever the musicians throw at her. But it’s going to be new for Ava and Devastasia and I’m looking forward to seeing what they create!

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