So Much Fun

Dear Constant Reader,

Friday night we were hired to entertain at a bachelor party, but not the sort you might expect. The groom-to-be and his friends wanted a little burlesque show and then they were going to spend the rest of the night playing Magic: The Gathering. So, we put together a show we thought they’d appreciate.

Elsa Riot opened the show with an ethereal fan dance as Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft.

Betty Blaize, our resident computer geek, showed how hot a new laptop can make her.

Scratch performed a bit of prestidigitation while Elsa changed in record time from Dark Elf to…

…Number One Starfleet Officer. This was a brand-new act she created just for this party and tested out at The Teaseday Club. Her costuming was an incredibly clever use of re-purposed items.

And I closed everything out as The Faerie Queene. I was feeling smug that my final flower production was a coveted Black Lotus. Sadly, the flower lost structural integrity as I materialized it and I could only gift the guest of honor with a handful of black petals.

It was a great change of pace to do a show like this and I think we had as much fun as the guests did.

Here’s Tyrande and Titania!