A Year Off Stage

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night marked one year since the BeauTease appeared on stage in front of an audience. We were in Taste O’ Burlesque at Thunder Road, bookending the competition. If you want to see the show, much of it is here. We were starting to worry about the approaching epidemic. I had made Guilted Lilly a basket to take on her woodland frolics and when she went to hug me, for a moment, I thought “should I do this?”. I’m so glad I accepted her bountiful embrace, because it was the last time I would touch someone who wasn’t living in my house for many months.

Since then Thunder Road has closed for good and we’ve done five virtual shows (I’ll write about that experience another time). I miss performing live. I miss it so much. I keep thinking about being backstage, getting ready for a show. Chatting with the other troupe members, checking in with the stage hands. Everyone knows what to do — we hang the banners, put together the clothing racks and unpack the costumes, set out snacks (most often Devastasia). It’s fun. It’s hard to imagine that we didn’t have to wear masks and keep our distance.

The best part is being in front of the audience. Something changes when there are people there. A lot of performers talk about the energy of the audience and it’s true. There’s a connection and you each feed off each other’s excitement. Having people to play off, even if it’s just tossing a smile over here or directing a bump over there, makes such a huge difference in performance. Sure, I give my best to the camera (or try to), but I don’t feel as playful or spontaneous as when I’m in front of people. There’s a reason we say “the magic of live theatre”.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I miss you all.

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