Dear Constant Reader,

There are many elements important to our shows and just one of them is costumes. However, costumes are my favorite part, so that’s what I’m going to write about today.

Madame Burlesque was incredibly challenging when it came to costumes; almost everything was made new for that show. The costumes were elaborate and plentiful. Fortunately, we had costumers on the crew, but everyone had to pitch in at least a little.

For The Wrathskellar we had the luxury of re-using some of the costumes that were made last year. The wenches, Hans, Bücher, and The Lost Girl were able to take their costumes straight out of the closet. Most of my costumes were from my collection, so I was available to work for others.

Most of my time was spent making a corset for The Broad. I love corsetry — when it’s completed. I curse a lot when I’m constructing it. : ) And I made her some pasties. And a few other things for her and for The Innocent.

Devora Darling has proven to be a champ at decorating bras, so she took over the under-needs of a group number, with Betty Blaize handling the outer garments and pasties (the most disturbing pasties ever).

Betty is an amazing costumer and, besides the work she did for others, she made two entirely new costumes for herself, in a very short amount of time. Do note that a burlesque costume has multiple layers and in many cases, the inside has to look as good as the outside. When you come see the show (and you should — don’t take my word for it) take a good look at her stunning costumes.

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