Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s Friday again! Here’s your tip!

Masks are here for a while longer. Make or buy some that coordinate with your costumes and post-show outfits.

Depending on your local regulations and the requirements of the venue, you may need to wear a mask when you’re not actively performing or even when you are. You might as well make it into an opportunity for as glamorous a look as you can.

If you’ve got leftover fabric from making your own costumes, it’s easy enough to make a mask and glue on some decorations. If you don’t sew, there are a number of places you can get rhinestoned masks.

I have a tutorial for making origami-style masks for all tiers on my Patreon. I find this is the most comfortable style for long-term wear; it fastens around the back of your head rather than over your ears Although, if you’re a clever seamstress, you’ll figure how to make it with ear loops, if you prefer them.


Just for fun, here’s a cute picture of me visiting the Showstoppers costume exhibit in NYC, wearing a skirt and mask combo that I made.

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