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To strengthen a piece of stage jewelry, glue it to a sturdy fabric backing.

We all have cheap jewelry that looks great on stage, but it’s not very strong and doesn’t last long before something breaks. As a preventive measure, or to salvage a broken piece, you need some white glue, a paintbrush, and some fabric that won’t fray. I use Ultrasuede, but felt works fine. Bonus if you can find or dye a piece close to your skin tone.

Spread the glue (I use the same glue I use for rhinestones) on the back of the piece and then press it onto the backing. Replace any broken bits in their original location. Let it dry.

After the glue is dry, take fabric scissors and cut away the excess fabric. Get as close to the shape of the jewelry as possible . If you want, use a craft knife to get between the stones, but I don’t think it’s so necessary if you use fabric that matches your skin.


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