Just when you thought it was over

Dear Constant Reader,

All the cast and crew of Madame Burlesque were feeling just a little bit down that this fabulous run ended on Saturday in Portsmouth, NH. It had been 5 weeks, 4 states, and a lot of fun. But summer does become fall and it’s time for us to turn our attentions from the glamourous world of Madame Burlesque to that creepy, cobweb-crusted cabaret, The Wrathskellar.

Then an opportunity fell into our glitter-dusted laps. We will be presenting Madame Burlesque at the Regent Theatre in Arlington on Saturday, August 27th!

Even if you saw it in Cambridge, we’ve changed a few things and there will be some acts which have never been seen in *any* of the previous shows. I’m so excited!