Life on the road again

Dear Constant Reader,

This week the Boston Babydolls’ perambulations took us to Brattleboro, Vermont and the Hooker-Dunham Theatre. It’s a quirky little space, but we took it in stride. Once we figured out how to keep me from falling off the stage during a group number and how to get the giant oyster through the narrow door, everything was perfect. Well, maybe we blew a fuse during the actual show… what can I say, Evie Sphinx is an dynamic dancer!

During our little down time, we visited a fantastic farmers market. I was content with a few pints of raspberries, but the guys had to buy a whole leg of grass-fed lamb! And there was Malian food too. And of course, there was some clothing shopping in town. Maybe I shall even post some picture of my treasures.

The only real negative was that someone stole our signboard. Hard to believe that we had it out on the sidewalk for two weeks in grubby Central Square, Cambridge with no problems, but after a few hours in pleasant, hippie Brattleboro, it’s gone. So if you see a sandwich board with a blow up of our logo and “retrofabulous”, we’d really like it back.

Before I close, I’d like to recognize our tech crew:

Creating excellent lighting is a challenging enough job, but doing so in a mere few hours, in an unfamiliar theatre,that’s not really set up for our kind of lighting, is a near miracle. And yet Hunter still manages to do it. With very little cursing. Even when he had to run extension cords down the hallway to get enough power. Or when the aforementioned fuse blew.

Brigitte was kind enough to loan us her boyfriend to run sound for the road shows. Despite spraining his ankle the day before, he was still game. And when he discovered the ankle was *broken*, he was still there to play our music. That’s what you call a trouper.

Next stop, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Peripatetically yours,