No Words

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m not even sure how to start this. Our beloved Albert A. Cat died a week ago after three grueling weeks of illness. We kept hoping he would recover and did everything we could. In the end, he was in his favorite place, on Scratch’s chest, as they lay on the daybed in his room. He went to sleep and never woke up.

For ten years he brought so much joy into our lives. His sweet nature and rakishly handsome looks made friends and fans all over the world. He was a very special cat and loved Scratch more than anyone in the universe. There’s a big Albert-shaped hole in my life and my heart.

I am so grateful to my friends for their support and sympathy during this very difficult time. And it’s been longer than I care to think. Please be gentle with me for a while

So I hope you forgive me that burlesque, or really much of any of my usual interests, have not been on my mind much lately.

We are fortunate that we could give Albert the very best veterinary care. However, it was very expensive care. I do not begrudge a single penny, but The Manor’s coffers are depleted. I feel a bit vulgar bringing up finances, but if you wanted to buy a book or arrange for private lessons or join my Patreon or shop my closet or bookshelves, it would be appreciated. Scratch reminds me that the Go Fund Me he set up for Albert’s thyroid treatment (was that really less than a year ago?) is still open.


I miss our handsome boy so much.