Review: Bettie Page Fitness Workouts

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I’ve got a pretty good fitness routine of barre classes, plus the occasional treat of a Toning with Tara session, but I’m always ready to shake things up and try something new. Bettie Page Fitness has created two workout videos, each one inspired by the dynamic poses in Bettie’s photos, as well as her body positivity. The workouts were designed and demonstrated by health coach and fitness expert Tori Rodriguez.

The first video is Total Body Strength & Cardio. It’s a 45-minute fitness routine with three circuits of toning, using weights, plus cardio, and one circuit of core work. The first time an exercise is introduced, its name and a photo of Bettie Page in the pose that inspired it flash on the screen. I admire the creativity in taking a still photo and turning it into an exercise, like interpreting a photo of Bettie with her arms and legs spread as a star jack.

I really liked the counter in the corner to help keep track of reps and that the three participants would do some of the exercises at different levels of difficulty. I do wish the participants were mirroring the moves though. That is, when Tori says “left”, everyone on screen moves their left which the viewer’s right. It can get a little confusing between what you hear and what you see. I know mirroring is harder on the instructor, but it makes a big difference

The second video is Bettie Page Yoga. I confess I’m not generally a yoga practitioner — most of what I know I learned from my mother who is a yoga instructor, so forgive me if I get a term wrong. This is a 40-minute flow, inspired again by the poses of Bettie Page.

At the beginning Tori suggests setting an intention based on one of Bettie’s characteristics, like her confidence or playfulness. The routine is a mix of traditional poses, like downward-facing dog and warrior 2, interspersed Bettie-inspired poses, like low lunge and standing twist. Again, the first time a Bettie pose appears, a photo of Bettie in the pose and the name appear on the screen , (the names of the traditional poses are spoken only). Tori throws in some pinup touches, like a “big Bettie smile” or blowing a kiss.

It’s a fun twist on circuit training and yoga if you’re a Bettie Page or pinup enthusiast. Both workouts emphasize body positivity and good form, as well as general health and fitness. Bettie Page Fitness also sells yoga mats and beach towels with Bettie’s (licensed) image for the complete package.

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