Review: Gypsy Rose Lee, Writing & Stripping

Dear Constant Reader,

At last I have a book review for you! It’s an ebook this time.

Gypsy Rose Lee, Writing & Stripping by Kathrine Beck (2011).

This very short biography of Gypsy Rose Lee is part of a collection of essays about the history of Washington state (the Hovick family came from Seattle). It’s a good introduction if you want a quick overview of Gypsy’s life, but if you’ve read any of the major books about her, it’s not worth your $0.99. The author uses all the usual sources: Gypsy: Memoirs of America’s Most Celebrated Stripper, Gypsy and Me: At Home and on the Road With Gypsy Rose Lee, Early Havoc, and More Havoc. If those are on your shelf, you don’t need to add this one.