Taking a Break

Dear Constant Reader,

For the past week or so I’ve been taking a break from Facebook. You might be puzzled since you were sure you’ve seen me there. Kind of. I’ve been cross-posting from Instagram and popping on briefly to link to my writings here. But I haven’t been creating any content and I haven’t been reading anything.

I’ve been finding Facebook to be a place where ugliness and unpleasantness fly and magnify. I try to avoid things that will make me unhappy and frequently what I see on Facebook makes me unhappy. Maybe I take things too personally — it’s a flaw in my character. I hate confrontation (I know some who revel in it) and right now I’m feeling particularly fragile and vulnerable to negativity.

My absence is not a condemnation of you, my dearest Constant Readers, but something I need to do for my own well-being.

Yes, I miss keeping up with my friends (and “friends”), but if we are actually friends, we’ll stay in touch in other ways. Yes, I know this will probably hurt my personal brand as I’m making myself less visible to the almighty algorithm. However, I’m finding myself much more productive now that I don’t have that easy time-sink of “I’m bored; what’s happening on Facebook?” and I’m feeling a little better about the world.

Maybe I’ll see you there again, maybe not, but you can always find me here, especially on Fridays.