The Crew

Dear Constant Reader,

We’ve been having a wonderful time presenting The Wrathskellar and it’s easy to wax enthusiastic about the cast — they’re the visible presence (quite visible, some of them) on stage. Right now, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about the crew.

First, there’s our stage manager, Chad. He’s responsible for moving set pieces around and making sure props are where they are supposed to be. Plus wrangling volunteers and occasionally picking up clothing. He also plays Hans, The Wrathskellar’s stage manager. Not only is he making sure all our things are in the right place, he also has to hit his cues! He has a vital role in our plot and is integral to one of the acts.

Sam is the newest member of our crew and what a jewel she’s turned out to be! You might have noticed her, in vest and cap, discretely playing the music during the show. What is less apparent is that she designed the audio set-up for the theatre. There is sound all over the place, including the hallway leading to the bathroom. At certain parts of the show, the music moves across the space as the performers do. Listen for it.

And then there’s Hunter, our technical director a.k.a. The Lighting Guy. He’s been with us since the beginning and has worked on almost every major show (and has attended most of the minor ones). Lighting is one of those very tricky things, and it’s even trickier on this show. The lighting has to set just the right mood and we use a number of special effects. Not to mention we’re doing this in a converted storefront, not a theatre! The challenges are really quite amazing. Usually when I arrive at theatre, he’s already there, tweaking a light, changing a gel, working for perfection.

Thank you all. We could not do this without you.