Burly Bundle Mardi Gras Mask

Dear Constant Reader,

Back in December I posted about my first Burly Bundle and made an unboxing video. I thought you might like to see the finished results.

UntitledFirst I rhinestoned the filigree mask. I was a little daunted by those tiny yellow stones. They’re ss3! That’s like nail art size. I usually use ss16, 20, and 30 in my costuming. However, I used the included “rhinestone picker-upper” and it did make application very easy. Also, the rhinestone trays were very nice. I usually just use the lid of a jar or something similar. Tools that are actually designed for the job? What a difference!

I generally followed the included design plan for the mask. I could have gotten creative and maybe dipped in my own rhinestones to change up the colors, but I liked the suggested design just fine.

UntitledFor the feather ornament, I had a lot of options — there were three curled black feathers, six small white feathers and three black roses. And all the rhinestones leftover from the mask. I decided on one black feather, off-set with white behind and to each side.

Since I had such fun with the tiny yellow rhinestones, I gilded the roses with them. I did have a bad moment when I could only find two roses. Fortunately I discovered under which piece of furniture Bartholomew had batted the missing one.

It can be worn on the mask as shown or on its own as a hair adornment, so I made sure to orient the base so that the clip was in the best position for me to wear it in my hair as well.

And now I have a fancy mask for Mardi Gras next week! (Not that I’m actually doing anything for Mardi Gras, but it’s always good to be prepared.)

If you’re interested in Burly Bundle, I think signups for the next bundle are open until the end of February. The project is always a secret until you open the box. If you do want to try it out, please use this link. You’ll get a $5 discount and I’ll get a little referral fee. (Other than being a subscriber who’s having fun, I’m not associated with Burly Bundle.)

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