Arisia 2017

Dear Constant Reader,

This past weekend I attended Arisia, a local science fiction convention with a wide range of interests. For example, I spoke on three panels: on historical accuracy in costuming, on the tv show Person of Interest, and on tea (yes, tea. There was also a panel on cocktails). It’s an exhausting weekend with tons to do, like gaming, shopping, a charity auction (with associated poker tournament), music, art, historic dances, movie screenings, a geeky bellydance show, &c. And, my favorite part, amazing costumes everywhere.

But I wanted to tell you about a couple of moments I enjoyed that have nothing to do with any of the con’s programming.

When I was in the ladies’ room, I took the opportunity to refresh my lipstick, like you do. Every time I pulled out my Atomic Cosmetics liquid lipstick and the little light in the wand lit up, everyone around me was awed. I explained where it came from and did a little pitch about how awesome Dr. Jen and her products are. There was lots of interest and I saw at least one person write down the company name. I love turning people, especially strangers, on to my favorite things.

Now, true confession time, Constant Reader. Sometimes I feel what I do doesn’t matter, that it isn’t seen or appreciated. Burlesque is a niche in the performance world and we struggle to gain audiences from and be accepted by the more mainstream performance community. I often feel like I’m struggling to be recognized in the burlesque world as well. It can be daunting and dispiriting. However…

Early on at Arisia, a woman approached Scratch and me and asked “Were you in Wrathskellar Tales?” She recognized me as The Diva and praised my performance. That buoyed my spirits a great deal. Pebblestardom*, as Marrus calls it, is a great boost. As I was getting ready to leave, someone else asked me if I had been in Wrathskellar Tales. It’s great being recognized, but even more so from one of the shows of which I am most proud.

But the high point of the weekend was a woman who recognized me as a member of The Boston BeauTease. She was somewhat nervous and very shy about talking to me, but it was also clearly important to her to do so. She said how much she enjoyed our performances and that they made her happy, they gave her hope. She implored me “Keep doing what you do for as long as you can.” I was deeply touched, more that I could express.

This is why I keep doing what I do.

M2*Because you not actually famous enough to be a rockstar.